Sable & Silk – Chevron Design Reversible Jacket

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Start with the lovely sable dyed fox sewn in a stunning chevron design on the silk base. Lightweight and airy, the sable colored fox feels like air when you wear it, floating over you in a soft layer, taking you through the day or gliding effortlessly over your finest evening wear.Sable dyed fox and silk create a wonderful combination! Looking for a more subtle style? Reverse the fur to its fabric side with a flip of the wrist. Enjoy the black silk body with the fur collar and cuffs demurely trimming the jacket. Feel the soft fur against your body and enjoy the quiet comfort it provides as you look quietly elegant wherever you go.  A wonderful fur for fall through winter. Currently available in size 6 -8.


Fur Content: Sable Dyed Fox. Fabric: Silk. Length: 34" . Side Seam Pockets. Button Closure. Length: 34".

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