Mens Fur Hat-Mens Mink Army Cap

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A men’s mink hat that is ready to take on all winter weathers in style! Wear it with ear flaps down or up, either way you will look smart, polished able to handle the coldest weather! A fine quality full skin men’s mink hat created in this fantastic style that is comfortable yet styled to perfection to fit your every look. Wear it with jackets, coats or vests – a men’s fur hat is always a mark of great style and verve!


Fur Content: Natural Ranch Mink Fur Origin: U.S.A. Quilted ear flaps tucked inside for additional warmth. Can be pulled down to cover ears or tucked inside as shown on photo. For proper sizing, measure around your forehead. S = 23", M = 24", L = 25" . Allow four weeks if we do not have it in stock.

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