Men’s Ranch Mink Jacket – Quilted Sleeves – Men’s Mink Vest

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Urban streetwear with manly sophistication in this mink jacket with quilted sleeves and quilted side panels. Feel comfortable wherever you choose to wear this incredible jacket. Lightweight, never heavy, versatile – zip off the sleeves and enjoy a great mink vest with quilted side panel to wear over your favorite top. Zip back on the sleeves and you’re ready to hit the slopes, the office, or the club scene closer by. Mink, Quilt – what a combination. Call for additional sizes.


Fur Content: Ranch Mink. Fur Origin: U.S.A. Quilted Sleeves and Side Panels: Goose Down filled Length: 30" from neckline to hemline. Zip off Quilted sleeves create men's vest with quilted side panels. Call for additional sizes.

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