Fur Sweater – Black & White Knitted Rex Cardigan

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Our Price: $699.00

The ease of a fur sweater in this fabulous black and white knitted, deliciously plush rex rabbit fur. Feels so soft to the touch yet is lightweight to wear. Wear it as a great sweater all fall and winter or accessorize and wear as a great top to slacks or skirts. Wear this fur sweater belted or loose – it's the most versatile fur you've every worn. The black and white fur striped effect adds a touch of whimsy to every event – sporty or elegant.


Black Fur Cardigan Sweater Contents: Natural White and Black Dyed Sheared Knitted Rex Rabbit. Length: 29" . Side Seam Pockets. Hook and Eye closures. Fur Origin: China. Call for additional sizes.

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