Financing for our valued fur customers…

We offer financing to select customers. Each item purchased must be $1000 or more to qualify for financing.
No complicated financing documents to fill out. One simple form gets you approved.
Fast turnaround time. Once you pick out the fur of your choice, we have “same day” credit approval during normal business hours.

​Now you can take up to 48 months to complete your payments.*Select payment time of 12, 24 or 36 and 48 months – the choice is yours.
Our APR is 19.99%.

15 Day return policy applies to all purchases even those purchased through our finance program.

Easy Financing Steps:

Before applying for credit, make sure the purchase item(s) is available in your size and desired color. Not every item is available for financing.

Call 1-800-377-0535 to check availability. Please mention that you are considering payment through financing so the staff will know the time available to get in the item if it is not in stock. Some items may take a few days to confirm.

After obtaining advice from us that the purchase item(s) you choose is or will be available, place your order in our secured site and choose Finance as the payment method at checkout. You will immediately receive an e-mailed order confirmation with assigned order number.

Complete the Initial Online Credit Application Form will then contact you directly through e-mail and provide all the documents needed to obtain financing for your new purchase item(s). The documents will be filled out and ready for signature. It is necessary for you to provide certain personal information that includes identity verification documents. After receives the documents; your purchase item(s) will be released for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What amount can I finance?
  • A: We finance the minimum of $1000 per item.

  • Can I choose partial financing and pay the balance by other means?
  • A: Yes. We encourage making a down payment by credit card or check and then finance the balance of your purchase through

  • How soon will I be notified after I submit my Initial Credit Application Form?
  • You will be advised within 24 hours of your application on weekdays. In many cases, our response time is less than two hours during normal business hours.

  • What documents will be required from me after approval?
  • 1. A copy of your driver’s license from the state in which you reside.
    2. A copy of a void check from your checking account for the purposes of identification and to confirm your checking account for electronic debiting of your monthly payments.
    3. A copy of a valid credit card in your name for identification purposes and to use should you become 15 days or more delinquent. These items along with the completed and signed Retail Installment Contract and Credit Application should be sent directly to You will receive all this information and instructions by e-mail directly from
    4. A notarized copy of a photo I.D.

  • How much will my monthly payment be?
  • That depends on the size of your purchase. An average $3000 purchase would have a monthly payment of approximately $110 per month for 36 months.

  • What are the basic terms of the loan?
  • The normal loan of $3000 or more is paid over 36 months. Loans of less than $3000 are paid over 24 months. The current APR is 19.999%.

  • When is the first payment due and how do I make the first payment?
  • Your first payment will be deducted from your checking account approximately 30 days from the time of signing your contract. You may pick the 5th, 15th or 25th of the month as your payment date.

  • Can I repay the loan in full or accelerate payment without penalty?
  • Yes. The sooner you pay the account off, the more interest charges you will save. There is no penalty for prepayment.



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