Fur Coats Are For Guys, Too.

Ladies love fur coats, and the majority of the fur market is geared toward female fashions but that doesn’t mean that men are completely left out. There are tons of sleek, stylish and refined fur coats available for men and they come in a wide variety of styles, cuts, colors, and fur types to suit any taste. When one thinks of traditional fur coat, an image of someone in a dramatic floor-length mink is conjured up. But that image is what a lot of men don’t like about wearing fur coats: they’re just too much, unless you’re a Russian czar or something.

But in actuality, there are tons of different, more subtle styles that constitute as fur coats. A few posts ago we mentioned reversible fur coats and how functional and fashionable they are. Well men’s fur coats come in reversible styles as well. There is one particular style men’s shear mink leather reversible jacket. That’s right—one side is soft, luxurious sheared mink and the other is sleek and rugged black leather. Another really cool option is the men’s fur car ranch coat in the black rabbit. This double-breasted knee length coat looks classy and stylish, without going over the top.



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