Fur Is Green

At a time when we are more conscious of how our lifestyles affect nature, fur is an excellent choice. Fur is a natural product, a true gift of nature.

Fur is:

Renewable, Durable & long-lasting, Reusable, recyclable, Biodegradable, Energy & Ressource efficient

Fur is a natural, renewable and sustainable resource.

That means we only use part of what nature produces each year, without depleting wildlife populations or damaging the natural habitats that sustain them. The goal is to maintain a long term ecological balance. Synthetics by contrast, are generally made from petroleum based ingredients (a non-renewable resource) which are not recyclable and cause great damage to the environment.

Fur is durable, reusable and recyclable.

Fur is naturally resilient and long lasting. With proper care, a fur garment will remain functional and beautiful for many years.

At a time when the true ecological cost of mass produced fashion is just beginning to be calculated – think millions of tons of poor quality garments filling up landfills – the naturally durable and recyclable qualities of fur make more sense than ever.

Fur is Biodegradable.

Faux fur (fake fur) and most synthetic fabrics are made from petrochemicals. Like other plastics, these materials do not break down easily and will remain in landfills for centuries. Real fur, by contrast, is an organic material. The dressing (tanning) process helps to preserve the pelts for some time but after many years of use, they will eventually dry out and biodegrade and disintegrate, returning fully to nature.



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