Is your fur looking old and haggard? Has it fallen into bad condition and can you see it getting worse over time? Many furs struggle through the heat of the summer if they don’t go into cold storage. If your fur has broken down and shown signs of old age, it might be time to think about fur remodeling.

Fur coats can go out of style. That’s where Madison Ave Mall comes in. We can help you make your fur into a chic, beautiful coat that will be the envy of all come wintertime! Re-making your fur out of black nappa leather and lining it with your old mink fur coats will take fashion further than you thought possible. We can also use fur lining on black or gold weather resistant fabric to make your fur coat the prize of your closet.

Fur remodeling is easy, and if your fur has suffered too much from neglect, and is unable to be remodeled, we will send it back to you free of charge. Even if you don’t want to remodel your fur, it’s important that you put it in cold storage now before it’s too late! Rejuvenate your old fur today with the help of Madison Ave Mall.



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