New Year’s Resolution – Sustainable Fashion and Furs

We all make a lot of New Year’s resolutions that are difficult to maintain, like dieting or exercise (maybe being more patient or tactful?) We all have a long list. But here’s a New Year’s resolution you can keep – wearing sustainable clothes.

This year the top resolution among many consumers is to stop wearing “disposable” clothes that clog landfills and to start wearing fashion brands and clothes that are sustainable, clothes that use natural fabrics.

What does sustainable mean?

The Collins dictionary defines ‘Sustainability’ as ‘Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.’

In other words, not using more natural resources than the planet can naturally replace and not producing anything that the planet can’t naturally reabsorb.

Most ‘fast fashion’ clothing today is made from synthetic fabric that is made with toxic chemicals that then drain into the waters and rivers around us with an environmental impact.

Even some clothes that are made from natural fabrics use a lot of chemicals to process them into wearable materials. People are being told to buy clothes that are recyclable, but only 1% of items are really recycled. Not to mention the fossil fuel usage and carbon emissions!

Real fur is natural and eco-friendly. Furs never damage the environment. Humans have been using furs from the beginning of time, way before chemicals or the fashion industry were invented.

Sustainable translates to one small word: FUR.

When you buy a fur item, it is worn for years. Most people have worn and wear their furs for 25 years and then hand them down to the next generation or use them to create pillows and throws.

Furs are biodegradable, which means they dissolve into a powder when they have been worn out. Furs are never part of a landfill’s contents. They dissolve into a powder which provides nutrients to the soil.

If you haven’t bought the fur that you have your eye on this year – now is the time. Now is the time to fulfil your resolution. Now is the time to start wearing gorgeous, deliciously warm sustainable fur coats, clothing and accessories. Winter is part of life in many parts of the world, and we were given a natural way to stay warm. Use it.

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