Packing The Essentials For A Perfect Holiday

Packing for a holiday can be quite exhausting as we start putting aside the various outfits we think we will need, for the time we are away.

I know from my own experience, I usually start weeks before my departure date, making sure that I have everything I need to look my best and feel comfortable wearing while I enjoy my holiday.

One thing is for sure, it is so easy to overpack your case with items that are not essential.

Apart from toiletries, phone, passport and currency you could easily pack for two weeks with a few cleverly coordinated pieces of clothing, footwear and depending on the season, a quality Cashmere cape and a genuine fur jacket.

Your fur coat will be ideal for the holidays in winter, whereas your gorgeous Cashmere garments will go anywhere at anytime of the year. Cashmere is absolutely essential!

Let’s take a look at what I find to be a reliable collection of basic mix and match separates to get you through a fourteen day holiday, including sightseeing and dinner in the evenings. Please note that these suggestions work well when the color scheme is coordinated so that each piece can be worn with another in your collection.

Six tops
Three bottoms – leggings, slacks, skirts
One dress or jumpsuit
One Cashmere cape

Just add the appropriate lingerie, footwear and jewellery, and you are all set!

For winter climates the following items can be added to make sure you stay warm and comfortable day or night.

One hooded fur jacket
One Fur Coat
One Fur Hat

Cashmere and Fur


royal-blue-cashmere-cape with fur trim




For those of you who are looking to add to your Cashmere and fur collection, Madison Avenue Malls make it so easy for you.

Shop from the comfort of your sofa at home and discover the latest new style trends and colors that are now available.

The Cashmere capes come in classic colors like black and brown and a lovely charcoal gray but they don’t stop there! These Cashmere capes come in the newest colors like powder blue and camel as well as gorgeous vibrant colors like royal blue and ferrari red – you really need to see them to appreciate how beautiful they are.

The versatile Cashmere cape is a must have on any holiday!

Now is the perfect time to organize your travel essentials, you never know when an unexpected trip might come your way, so get comfy and go online to find your travel essentials.



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