Streamline your Life – in Fur Coats and Cashmere

Everyone today wants a more streamlined life. Less items, less storage, less bulk and more space. Everyone today wants sustainable clothes, and everyone today wants biodegradable clothes. 

Want a lift to your spirits all winter long?

Start with a cashmere fur trimmed cape in a great basic color like black, dark brown or camel. If your taste runs to more color, go with a vibrant red or a lovely royal blue cashmere cape or coat. All are great neutrals that will go with your wardrobe of greys, blacks and earth tones.  

You can also opt for jewel tones like purple plum or emerald green. All these colors in a gorgeous cashmere cape or cashmere coat will be a staple of your fall and winter wardrobe for years, brightening your spirits every time you reach to put them on.  

What’s my Size?

Our capes will fit beautifully for women of all sizes, petite, regular and plus sizes. Another way to streamline. With a figure that fluctuates in size, it’s great to have an item that you don’t have to worry about if you gain a few pounds 

Furs for the holidays or anytime

You can wear these capes and coats over your holiday outfits at holiday time or over leggings and a simple T shirt or denim jacket and have just the right look for those long weekends from arrival to party time. The perfect streamlined way to dress up or down.  

These capes and coats are best items to have for traveling as they are: 

  • Soft 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to pack 

With fur lined cashmere capes and coats – materials that are fully sustainable and totally biodegradable, you can feel great wearing them. Not like polyester and synthetic fabrics that never dissolve and are the landfill increasing throw-a-ways – these wonderful capes and coats, will be enjoyed for many years and will gently dissolve into a soft powder when their lifespan is over. How great is that? 

Streamline, sustainable, biodegradable fur…

Streamline, Sustainable, Biodegradable and easy fitting, is with you all the way, on all points (and looking fabulous all the time is an added bonus!) 

Browse our online fur store to view the full range of high quality fur coats for women as well as fur jackets, mink coats and everything ‘fur’ that you can imagine…. 



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