The virtues of fur

The talk of the fashion world right now is fur. The Paris runways for Fall 2010 were littered with opulent fur hats, scarves, vests, jackets, dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, coats, gloves, leggings, boot and shoes. Fur, fur, and more fur!

Fur is timeless, and never fails to add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe. Today’s furs combine the styles of the past – think Audrey Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich – with a fresh and modern look. Whether you choose mink coat, fox fur, rabbit, sable, chinchilla or lynx, you’ll never fail to turn heads when you wear a little fur.

Not only is it glamorous, fur is also environmentally friendly. Fur is energy and resource efficient, and doesn’t use the chemicals that are used to produce synthetic materials. The fur industry is a natural and ecologically sustainable resource and uses only what nature provides.

Best of all, fur is durable and long lasting. With proper care and love, a fur coat will last you a lifetime, and can be something that’s passed down to your children.

The time is right to pick up a fur coat for this coming fall – at last year’s prices!



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