As Marilyn Would Say….When It Comes To Furs, Make Mine Mink

We all know how warm and glamorous natural furs are, and with so many stylish options to choose from, we could all be wearing natural furs all year round.

Fur is timeless, and apart from the unique beauty of a fur pelt, this is a very practical material to use for coats and jackets.

Natural fur coats, parkers, jackets, hats and mittens are the perfect choice when it comes to keeping you warm in cold weather.

With quality furs now becoming more affordable, men and women can own several quality fur garments.

Whether you choose fur for the sheer beauty or for the practical ways it can be worn, you can choose to have a selection of furs in your closet.

Mink fur and Cashmere garments are truly awesome standouts and are very popular with those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Give Fur When You Want To Say “I Love You”

When it comes to saying “I love you”, nothing says it better than fur. Forget the chocolates, the flowers and lingerie……..give fur…… Marilyn would say “make mine mink!”

So it does stand to reason that a “practical” fur coat is a must in every woman’s bedroom closet.

There are so many gorgeous furs to choose from so it will be a lot of fun to discover which fur and styles suit you the most.

There is no doubt about it, everyone looks great in Mink, guys and gals, tots and teens, you just have to see what the rich and famous are wearing, to keep themselves all warm and cosy.

Purchasing Fur Coats Made Easy

Madison Avenue offer their select customers financing for their dream fur purchases, for each item priced over $600.00.

There are no complicated financing documents to fill out. One simple form is all it takes to get approved so there is a fast turnaround time.

After you have picked out the fur of your choice, there is “same day” credit approval during normal business hours.

Easy Financing Steps:

Before applying for credit, ensure the purchase item(s) is available in your size and desired color. Not every item is available for financing.

Contact customer service on  1-800-377-0535 to check availability. Please mention that you are considering payment through financing so the staff will know the time available to get in the item if it is not in stock. Some items may take a few days to confirm.

15 Day return policy applies to all purchases even those purchased through our finance program.

Just like that, it is so easy and affordable to slip into luxury. It is time for you to make yours Mink!



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