Versatile Fur Coats & Cashmere Capes


Natural fur coats are without a doubt, a very valuable addition to any wardrobe, not only are they a very practical garment we can wear to protect us against harsh winter conditions, fur coats are also extremely comfortable to wear.

The soft touch of fur against our skin is a simple pleasure that cannot be matched by inferior fakes.

Nothing can compare to the natural warmth and beauty of real fur garments.

Fur is Biodegradable

Faux furs (fake furs) and most synthetic fabrics are made from petrochemicals, which like other plastic materials, do not break down easily and will remain in landfills for centuries.

Real fur, by contrast, is an organic material. The dressing (tanning) process helps to preserve the pelts for some time but once the lifespan of the furs has been reached they will eventually dry out, biodegrade and disintegrate completely, returning fully to nature.

Real fur is durable, reusable, recyclable, naturally resilient and long lasting.

With proper care, a genuine fur coat will remain functional and beautiful for many years.

At a time when the true ecological cost of mass produced fashion is just beginning to be calculated, with the millions of tons of poor quality garments filling up landfills, the naturally durable and recyclable qualities of a real fur coat, make more sense than ever.

Genuine fur is always in style, therefore the investment in genuine fur coats, is a smarter option.

Madison Avenue Fur Coats And Accessories

Purchasing genuine fur coats online has been made so much easier today with Madison Avenue Mall offering an extensive range of stunning fur coats, jackets, vests, hats and accessories for both guys and gals.

With an outstanding range of exquisite fur garments and accessories, you will be spoilt for choice, when it comes to selecting a gorgeous new fur to add to your wardrobe.

Take some time to sit down in the comfort of your own home and browse, you will love the collection of high fashion garments and smart accessories, including hats, headbands and handbags.

Choosing Cashmere, Cape or Coat?

Cashmere is another beautiful natural fabric, though not as warm as fur, it is the ideal choice for those times when you need a nice warm coat for chilly spring and fall days when the temperature is not as freezing as in the winter.

Cashmere garments are always in style, very comfortable and they last for years.

There are so gorgeous styles and colors, which Cashmere garment would you choose?

The “Empress” double row cashmere cape in a fabulous rich deep navy, is a stunning example of the versatile cape. This ultra glamorous cashmere cape with two rows of glorious navy fox rippling across the cape and cascading down the front, enveloping you in a cape of stunning drama!

This versatile garment, can be worn with anything from tights and heels, to elegant evening attire.

The choice is yours!



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