Caring for Your Fur is Easy!

When you invest in a fur, it’s important to take care of your investment. Here are a few tidbits for how to ensure that your fur lasts forever.

Fur is very sensitive to heat and light. When you’re not wearing your fur, you want to store it in a cloth bag that is open at the bottom in a dark room. Don’t surround fur coats with other clothing, as that can depress the fur, making it look old and unhealthy. Be careful not to store fur coats in an area with mothballs, and take mink jackets to the furrier during the summer. Cold storage will keep the skin in good condition.

Furriers are the right guys to take care of your fur. Dry cleaners do not know about how to treat different kinds of mink jackets, or fox fur coats, and confusing how to do so can damage your coat.

If your fur gets wet, simply shake out the excess moisture and hang it to dry. Any extreme heat or light will dry the skin out and make it crack.

Other than that, just be careful not to catch your fur jacket on any jewelry or belts, and if you see a small tear, repair it before it gets worse.



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