Fox and Mink: Great Furs to Wear

Here is some information about the animals that give us mink fur coats and fox fur coats. These mammals are found in most temperate parts of the world and to cope with harsh winters, often have dense, thick fur.

Fox is a beautiful fur that comes in a wide array of colors. The white fox lives in the arctic and the brown fox lives almost on every continent. Most of the fur comes from Finland, including the Natural Red Fox and the Blue Fox. Foxes are omnivores and live off of smaller mammals, eggs, fish, birds, and insects. They also eat berries and grasses. Fox fur coats are especially warm and fashionable.

The mink is a small semi aquatic weasel -like mammal, of the American and the European sort. These animals are small, and while most reach only a couple of pounds, farm raised mink can be up to 7 lbs. Their fur is extremely dense, dark brown, with occasional spots (particularly on the European mink) and a dark under fur. Because of its density, mink fur coats are extraordinarily warm. Mink always live near water, and although sometimes they wander to prey on animals like rabbits, they keep within territorial bounds.



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