Dreaming about Winter and Fur Coats

Summer is a great time – if you live out in the country it brings to mind fabulous visions of sunlight, swimming pools, suntans and maybe surfing.

For city people, life in the summer means weeks of hot, humid weather that has us in a constant sweat.  Summer means a constant contest with the electricity, with cities teetering on the brink of blackouts that bring life to a standstill. Summer means concrete sidewalks shimmering in the heat, with hordes of people in unsightly T shirts and unkempt feet in ugly sandals. It means unwelcome sights of your neighbor’s hairy legs all summer long.

For me – I dream of Fall and Winter! Living in the city, I love stepping out in the crisp air, wrapping myself in the delicious feel of winter weight fabrics like cashmere and touches of luxury fur caressing my neck and arms. I love walking the city streets enjoying the breeze, the cold wind in my face, enjoying the look of the men and women in their fur coats and fur jackets with long leather boots encasing their legs. I walk until I get weary and then revel in finding the perfect little restaurant to meet with friends where we can shed our mink coats and get together with a warm dinner.

On the wintry days of snow, I love being wrapped in my trusty fox fur coat or my fur trimmed quilted jacket, protected from the elements but having the freedom to go about my day or evening regardless of the weather. Winter lets you be glamorous and gorgeous without being provocative.

A fall evening, with the glow of an early sunset to bring the day to an end means getting dressed once again in all the wonderful winter textiles, the silks, the satins and of course – the cashmeres and furs – mink fur, rabbit fur, the list goes on!

I enjoy arriving at work, looking well-groomed and sophisticated in a lovely cashmere coat, or if I’m feeling sporty – wearing slacks topped with a fur vest with over the knee boots to complete the look. Believe me, the day is totally different when you’re dressed like you are an important person who believes in herself. I keep dreaming of winter ……..

I can’t wait for the chance to dump that pile of yellowed T shirts and worn-out cut-off shorts and bring out my gorgeous winter wardrobe. Am I feminine? a resounding YES! Do my male friends agree with me? Most of my male friends who enjoy a fine piece of suiting or a reason to get dressed like a gentleman – can’t wait for winter!



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