Fur coats at the ready – Farmer’s Almanac predicts Frosty Flip-Flop

Just when you thought that climate change would let you wear your summer clothes straight through the winter – The Farmer’s Almanac has just come out with their prediction for the winter of 2021-2022 for a “frosty -flip” winter with plenty of snow and wind on the horizon.

For me – that’s okay. Cold weather in the winter is normal. It’s been that way for thousands of years and it means healthy people with cool, cleaner air to breathe and a chance for our plants and gardens to go dormant and store up new energy for healthy plants in the summer.

A cold winter means getting to wear our deliciously soft and warm furs. Our mink jackets and fox fur jackets that we love to cuddle up in, are waiting to be taken out of the closet and taken for a walk. Frosty weather is a relief from the heat and humidity. It means enjoying our cashmere capes and coats, with the rich fox trims that frame the face and give us back that feeling of glamour that has faded over the hot summer.

Bathing suits are all well and fine but honestly – just give me a girl (or guy) in a gorgeous fur coat and you have my attention!

What color of fur is for you?

We’re already up to August and I’ve started saving for a new cashmere cape in a new powder blue color that is the perfect transition from summer to fall. Or maybe I should go for the royal blue cashmere cape? With a hood? Without the hood?  Royal blue would really brighten up the sidewalk. Or maybe the red cashmere cape??

I’ve been following the Farmer’s Almanac for years and surprisingly they are usually right on target. Now is the time to start getting ready for the fall. With the right cashmeres and furs – it’s the greatest time of the year.

Need to start saving? I’ve found the Layaway Plan so user friendly. Take a look at it now and start browsing for your fall favorites before the chilly winds start blowing!



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