Embrace the Elegance with Women’s and Men’s Fur Coats

A Style Legacy from Grandma 

Your Grandma knew about style—she wore fur. Now, as the holidays approach, and you think about glamour, fur comes to mind. Grand occasions meant dressing up, and dressing up meant donning a wonderful women’s fur coat or a deliciously warm fur jacket.

Memories Woven into Real Fur

Your grandmother understood the allure of fur, how a luxurious fur cape or mink fur coat translated to glamour. Many of you might treasure a real fur coat from grandma or an old aunt, holding onto it for the memories of your relative dressing up for special occasions.

The Modern Touch to Fur Coats

Today, you can indulge in that same comfort. The styles of fur jackets and coats have evolved—now they are narrower, shorter, slimmer, or longer, designed to suit your taste. Reversible fur coats lined with mink, sheared mink, or fox fur reversing to weather-resistant fabrics bring an updated look.

A Statement of Style and Warmth with Men’s Fur Coats

The men aren’t left behind, with men’s fur coats more in vogue than ever. Whether it’s a Western look with coyote and red fox fur or a smooth, urbane style in mink and sheared mink, fur coats for men are a must-have.

Find Your Perfect Fur

At Madison Avenue Mall, our talented technicians craft fur to fit all, from the tallest man to the most petite woman, ensuring you look fantastic in the luxury fur of your choice. So, heed Grandma’s advice—for the holidays, it’s time for fur!

Make It Your Own and Visit Madison Avenue Malls

Don’t wait to continue the tradition of elegance and warmth. Visit us online at and choose from our exquisite collection of women’s and men’s fur coats. Whether you seek the classic grandeur of full-length fur or the chic style of modern cuts, find the fur that speaks to your soul. It’s time to make those holiday moments unforgettable—wrap yourself in the luxury that you deserve.



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