Welcome the Cold – with a Fur Coat

Now that it’s cold – It’s time to talk about Fur! 

Let’s face it, winter gets cold. No matter how much we hear about climate change, we inevitably have to face freezing windchills and frost-bitten fingers every winter. It’s a fact of life that we have to deal with.

Alternatives to Fur Coats

So, how do we deal with it? You’ve tried a wool coat, and when it got really cold – when you had to go out there in the howling wind – it was really painful. The wind cut right through you. The same with the down coat and I’m not even talking about faux fur – which is just a fancy name for a plastic textile that looks warm but is a flimsy fabric.

The Natural Use of Fur 

The way to deal with cold in winter is the way our pioneers dealt with it. They wore fur. They lived a natural life and used what nature provided to keep them warm. If they caught a fox, that’s what they wore. If they caught a coyote – that’s what they wore.

The Luxury and Variety of Modern Furs 

Today, we have a wider choice of furs to keep us warm. We have lovely furs like mink, sheared mink, fox, coyote, lynx… It’s still nature’s way of providing us with warmth that will shield us from the most intense cold. Ask an Eskimo what he/she wears, and they will point to their fur jacket with a wide ruff of fur around their face to keep the wind out.

(Scientific studies have shown that a wide ruff of fur protects the face from wind, deflecting it away from the face (also helping to avoid the drying effect of the wind that causes deep wrinkles!)

Why Choose Fur for Winter?

Sure, we can get through the winter without a fur – but if you find yourself dreading the winter and avoiding going out when it gets frosty – you should start realizing that fur is there for a reason. So that man can live and work and go about living a normal life in winter weather, the kind which many of us have, who live in the colder states of the USA, Canada, and many parts of Europe and South America (and by the way, even Florida gets really chilly in the winter). In fact, being properly dressed, you can actually look forward to the cold and the snow, even if you’re not an avid skier! There is nothing like taking a brisk walk in cold weather. You’re not sweating, you’re not out of breath, you just enjoy taking huge gulps of that frosty air that feels so clean.

Fur Options for Everyone

Today, we hear that the world is getting too hot. That is not something that dressing up or down will help. We should be happy we don’t have to deal with that. So let’s deal with what we have – the cold – in a logical and practical way. So go out and get something fur. A fur coat, a fur jacket, a fur-lined coat, fur hats, fur scarves, every bit of fur will bring relieving warmth and make the winter totally enjoyable.

The Comfort and Style of Fur

Whether it’s luxurious mink fur coats, stylish rabbit fur jackets, or practical coats for men, the variety and elegance of fur options today are endless. From full-length mink coats to cozy women’s fur coats and sophisticated men’s fur coats, the world of fur offers warmth and fashion in one package. Embrace the cold season with the luxury and comfort of real fur coats, and experience a winter like never before.To browse our extensive range of all things fur, visit the website and get yourself ready for a cozy winter ahead and many more to come!



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