Fur Coat Trends this 2024 Season

Mob Wife Chic & Bold Colors Take the Spotlight

Here in the USA, the Mob Wife trend has been on the front pages of fashion columns and TikTok posts, featuring celebrities wearing wonderful full-length mink coats and fox coats. Fantastic furs in vibrant colors are back on the runway. Furs in bright yellow, fuschia, and royal blue create a glorious aura that reflects the personality of the wearer and brightens those gloomy winter days. These fur styles reflect a new confidence in showing off your own style statement.

Milan Fur Fair 2024: Exploring Textures & Tones

While walking the fashionable shopping streets in Milan, Italy, and attending the Milan Fur Fair 2024 – the diversity and wonderful range of fur types and colors are quickly seen. The tawny tones of red fox are seen in fur vests fur jackets and full length coats as are wonderful colors in fox and mink fur like mustard yellow, sophisticated pale greys and taupes, and beautiful sheared minks in everything from baby pinks to plush purple and teal blue.

Silver Fox & Vintage Glamour Return

Silver fox has returned as a favorite in both jackets done in the puffer style or in a lighter feathered silver fox versions. Fur trim of course is always a winner with a ruff of real fur at the neckline and sleeve hem of cashmere coats and down coats, providing a touch of warmth and glamour.

Vintage styles in full length long, haired fur coats have returned in full force – deliciously warm and comforting while the waisted jacket paired with leggings and high boots is still a favorite.

Men Embrace the Warmth & Style of Fur

Men as well, have been enjoying a resurgence of enjoyment in furs. Feeling warm is not just reserved for the female species and men have been quick to luxuriate in sporty as well as elegant furs. Full length fox coats in black fox and crystal fox have been selling well as well as the old favorite – the zippered bomber jacket in various shades of mink.

Join the Fur Revolution

It’s a return to feeling wonderful in any element. Join us in the new trend of wearing fur to enjoy life! Shop the full range of fabulous fur coats and more at today!

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