Time for something Fur!

Designers Predict Fancy Dresses for Fall Season 2021

After a year of unutterable dullness in the fashion world, with fashion shows at a standstill and the design trades forced to hibernate together with the rest of the world, a huge desire for a show of color and vibrancy is bursting out, ready to explode onto the fashion runways, stores and shops. As the New York Times reported in a recent headline: The Party’s Coming – Here’s What to Wear.

Now in April of 2021, designers are showing extravagant flowing dresses that are created to wear to the balls and parties that the world is waiting for. Color, printed fabrics, beads and crystals are all a facet of the dress designs being offered.  Flowing materials and stiff quilted fabrics in unusual colors are both featured as are interesting patterns in dramatic prints as well as muted shades.

The forecast predicts a wonderful selection of elegant and creative party wear to choose from that is very welcome indeed. However, what is not mentioned is the outerwear that will coordinate with all this decadent elegance. There is only one material worthy of pairing with this gorgeous kaleidoscope of colors and fabrics and that is FUR!

What we love about fur coats

  1. Fur in every shape and form, from fur jacket to fur cape to fur coat. Each style and form is appropriate to be worn with the lovely dresses of the designers.  
  2. A fur coat is both gorgeous and practical. A fur can be enjoyed for look and its touch. It not only keeps you warm but enhances you and makes you look beautiful as well. 
  3. A fur jacket or coat lasts for years and years and is biodegradable. Contrary to today’s shoddy manmade fabrics that are worn for a few months and then discarded creating mountains of landfill, a fur is worn for years, sometimes over generations and then when it is no longer wearable, it gently disintegrates into a fine powder that dissolves and nurtures the earth.

So, it’s time to get ready to party once more, to enjoy each other’s company and to delight in each other’s individual tastes and styles. It’s time to get a FUR, to delight in a beautiful experience while caring for the earth.

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