Furs – a new way of dressing

In today’s world of Zooming, comfort is the only consideration when getting dressed.  Sweatpants and hoodies have become the ultimate uniform of the world.

It is interesting to note that in the political climate of activism that we see everywhere from articles in fashion magazines to Golden Globe awards, where individuality and diversity are acclaimed and revered, everyone is wearing THE SAME THING! Where is the individuality that is touted and sought? Where is the diversity and personal expression?

Fur coats, jackets and accessories express your individuality

We suggest that personal expression should be a form of freedom to wear what makes you feel good and look good. Personal expression should be both practical, long lasting, sustainable and bring out your own personal expression of fashion.

We know that fur coats, capes, jackets and accessories are today’s ultimate expression of modern attitudes:

  • Fur is sustainable
  • Furs are biodegradable fashion
  • Fur clothing makes you feel good,
  • Fur keeps you deliciously warm
  • Fur looks absolutely gorgeous!

A world of choice at Madison Avenue Malls

Take a look at the cashmere fur trimmed capes that come in almost two dozen colors. You can wrap yourself in a glorious primary colored cashmere cape in Fuchsia, Ferrari Red or vibrant Royal Blue. You can enjoy being surrounded by yards of soft, muted tones of Forest Green or Dark Brown, Navy or Grey. Or create a wonderful Zoom experience in yards of Winter White Cashmere trimmed in lush Winter White fox, or enjoy a soft Powder Blue color. The choice is yours.

You can wear a very comfortable cashmere cape that is untrimmed with just a little band of leather or grosgrain ribbon that makes a wonderful cape to throw over any outfit, keeping you comfortable both indoors and out. Or add a fox fur vest to your wardrobe that will be a welcome addition to your sweatpants and hoodie outfits – updating them and giving them a new look.

The options are there for you. You can stand out and make a wonderful expression of practical choice that is your personal expression of freedom and beauty.

See our full range of fur coats, including fur trimmed cashmere capes at Madison Avenue Malls online store.



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