Fur Coats Never Go Out Of Style

For those of you who may be considering the benefits of adding a couple of new fur coats to your wardrobe, remember one very important thing, that a genuine fur garment will last you for decades with appropriate care.

I was only 16 years old when I first noticed the beauty of natural fur coats. I would pass by a store every morning on my way to work, in the store window, I would see various fur coats draped over mannequins.

I noticed in particular that one of the fur garments was a cropped jacket made from beautiful grey rabbit fur. I was so impressed, that later that same day I popped into the store to look at the jacket and hopefully be able to try it on.

At the time most of my friends were wearing cropped jackets made from some ”itchy” fluffy material, as they were trendy back then and very popular, I of course had one myself, however it was very uncomfortable to wear.

As it happened I was allowed to try on the grey rabbit fur jacket and I immediately fell in love with the way it felt, and looked. I was wearing my regular little black mini skirt and tan suede, knee high, lace up boots, wow the jacket looked fabulous, and needless to say I bought it, well actually I put a deposit down as I had never spent that sort of money on myself before, and I knew my mom would be cross.

Over the next month I used my wages to pay off the jacket and could not wait to wear it.

I wore this jacket with all my various outfits from skirts, dresses and trousers, even my faded blue jeans. I wore it to work, I wore it to parties, dances and the movies. My best friend would borrow it from me to impress her boyfriend.

This was the best investment I ever made, my little fur jacket out lasted all of my fashion statements throughout my younger days and into my middle age.

Real Furs Last For Decades

Through the years my dear little rabbit fur coat, would follow me wherever I went, always hanging in my closet, until one day out of the blue, it was gone! The coat hanger was empty!

As I started to check through my crowded closet I noticed the fur lying on the closet floor with my shoes, and as I picked it up, my new found joy turned to dismay when I saw that the garment now had only one sleeve.

After all those years together, and with virtually no maintenance, my genuine 47 year old fur jacket was starting to molt and threatened to become a balding vest.

This was because natural fur is a biodegradable product and that is the way the process starts with the entire jacket eventually turning to powder – leaving no waste.

Most rabbit furs last around 10 years before they start to break down, whereas minks last 20 – 25 years before they start the process.

So now I am now looking forward to purchasing my new genuine fur jacket which of course will be a Mink (because it will last longer), and I am sure my mom will see the value in that!

Caring For Your Fur Coats

Next time you are purchasing a new fur garment, ask the experts about the appropriate care instructions.


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