Fur Coats In Past Centuries

Genuine fur coats have been associated with luxury and glamor through the centuries.

It is well known that in countries which experienced harsh winter weather conditions, people from higher classes and the royalty, would make a statement wearing stunning fur pelts, not just as a sign of wealth, but as a practical means to keep warm.

Fur pelts have always been considered a valuable commodity through the ages from Vikings, Celebrities and Royalty alike, these humans all wanted to look good while keeping warm.

In fact, the New World (the United States) was actually opened to Europeans by fur traders who were anxious to explore and develop new fur trading routes.

Genuine Fur Coats Today

Today, those of us who think of the people who live in areas where the winter weather is extreme for months, may enjoy the romantic notion of spending winter nights snuggled in front of an open fire while sipping red wine with some delicious vintage cheese and crackers, however for all of us , where ever we live, the time invariably comes when we must venture outside to travel to work, check the mailbox, visit with friends, shop for groceries, or look for our half frozen pet pooch who needs to “attend to doggie business”.

For those times, we will definitely need to put on our fur coats or jackets which will protect us from the freezing weather.

There is no doubt about it, that when it comes to keeping warm and protected against extreme weather conditions, a genuine fur coat or jacket is the practical choice.

Genuine fur garments are no longer just for the rich and famous, we all have access to enjoying the comfort of beautiful fur clothing for both men and women including:

  • Coats
  • Jackets
  • Sleeveless vests
  • Reversible coats and jackets
  • Hooded jackets
  • Hats
  • Headbands
  • Knitted stretch hats (often called a “Beanie” if you are an Aussie)

Why choose real fur?

Madison Avenue Mall has an awesome collection of genuine fur garments, headwear and accessories which are sure to please men and women alike, who prefer the “real deal” when it comes to fake alternatives.

Benefits of investing in genuine fur coats and apparel include:

  • Natural warmth
  • Much more heat retention when compared to synthetic materials, fur is biodegradable and is a self sustaining product
  • A better investment for extreme winter cold protection because fur is very durable and long lasting
  • Genuine fur coats are always in style which makes them a great timeless addition to your wardrobe
  • With so many versatile styles today, fur coats, jackets, vests and accessories, your wardrobe will be enhanced
  • Real fur always makes a positive statement whether worn with a sleek evening gown or over a pair of faded old jeans

Ladies and gentlemen’s premium range of real fur garments are available in plus sizes.

Contact on 1-800-377-0535 for more information and order details.



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