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You have landed on the right page if you are shopping for a stylish coat that will keep you warm while looking great.

Without any doubt Furs are back. At a New York Fashion Show, extravagant, expensive fur garments were featured on the runway.

Coats, jackets, stoles, skirts, dresses, blouses, and the trendy hooded fur vest by top designers including, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs, received a lot of attention for their WOW! factor.

Mink At Madison Avenue Mall

We have an extensive collection of genuine men and women’s Mink fur garments that will fit your lifestyle, whether sporty, elegant, sophisticated or pretty and practical.

If you are looking for that special gift to give to someone you love, well look no further, a gorgeous Black Fox fur jacket with a shawl collar, a Cashmere jacket with Fox fur trim or a stunning coat in a sheared Mink with a collar. If you are thinking extra special gift, then think Mink! We have an extensive collection of genuine Mink garments. For those of you who are wanting to keep warm while looking great this winter, you need to be seen in a fabulous Mink fur stroller, fluffy Fox fur coat, or a women’s sheared Mink vest.

What about a gift for the man in your life? An outstanding statement for the stylish man is the reversible sheared Mink fur and leather jacket with coordinating items in some of the most popular Fox, Mink or Rabbit furs. All our furs come in a range of prices to fit every budget, we have the perfect coat or jacket for you.

Our womens and gentlemen’s fur coat range, is available in plus sizes. Our premium range of quality fur garments are made from luxury materials including:


Our fur coat styles are styled to fit women 5’0” – 5’11” who wear sizes 4-24. Choose your coat according to the dress size that you normally wear. Our styles are cut in a classic fit, designed not to pull or gape. Our fur jacket armholes are designed to allow you to wear normal winter weight clothes under your furs. We suggest you call with any sizing questions 800.377.0535.


We are a full-service fur salon and we do various alterations for our customers. A women’s coat is generally 52” long in order to provide the greatest number of women the ability to wear them without alteration. However, we do provide alterations – such as shortening jacket and coat hems – for those who so require it. In order to let us know how much to shorten, hang your fur coat or jacket up on a hanger.

With a tape measure, measure from the seam at the back of the neck straight down to the coat length you would like us to hem it to and carefully take note of the measurement. Kindly contact us by email or phone with any questions and we will do our best to help you. Our fee for shortening a fur coat or jacket is $200.00

We also shorten coat sleeves and can do various alterations needed for a modest fee.

Our Fur is Green

At a time when we are more conscious of how our lifestyles affect nature, a natural fur coat is an excellent choice. Fur is a natural product, a true gift of nature.

Fur is: Renewable, Durable & long-lasting, Reusable, recyclable, Biodegradable, Energy & Resource efficient

Fur is a natural, renewable and sustainable resource

That means we only use part of what nature produces each year, without depleting wildlife populations or damaging the natural habitats that sustain them. The goal is to maintain a long-term ecological balance. Synthetics by contrast, are generally made from petroleum-based ingredients (a non-renewable resource) which are not recyclable and cause great damage to the environment.

Fur is durable, reusable and recyclable

Furs are naturally resilient and long lasting. With proper care, a real fur coat or jacket will remain functional and beautiful for many years.

At a time when the true ecological cost of mass produced fashion is just beginning to be calculated – think millions of tons of poor quality garments filling up landfills – the naturally durable and recyclable qualities of a real fur coat make more sense than ever.

Fur is Biodegradable

Faux furs (fake furs) and most synthetic fabrics are made from petrochemicals. Like other plastics, these materials do not break down easily and will remain in landfills for centuries. Real fur, by contrast, is an organic material. The dressing (tanning) process helps to preserve the pelts for some time but once the lifespan of the furs has been reached they will eventually dry out, biodegrade and disintegrate completely, returning fully to nature.

 Questions often asked include:

 Q Is real fur biodegradable?

 A Yes, a real fur coat or jacket is made from biodegradable material that people have been using to keep warm since the beginning of time..

 Q Which is warmer Cashmere or real fur?

 A Nothing can compare to natural fur when the temperature really drops, however Cashmere is the perfect choice when it comes to those chilly days when you do need to keep warm, without the weight of real fur.

 Q  Why is Cashmere so popular?

 A  Cashmere is very popular because it’s soft and warm without adding weight.

 Q What are the most popular garments which are made from Cashmere?

 A  Cashmere capes are very popular “must haves” to take with you when travelling as they are very light, and yet still keep you warm, however a gorgeous coat and jacket range is now available in so many stunning colors, not just traditional black, that customers are choosing to buy several colors to compliment their wardrobes.

 Q  How many colors in cashmere does madisonavemall produce?

 A  Solid colors like the ever popular black, brown, grey and navy and then the really vibrant colors like purple plum, ferrari red and fuschia. Dont forget the new pastels like powder blue, winter white are the new hits of the season in our cashmeres.

If you’d like to get more information about our ranges of womens and gentlemen’s furs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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