Girls (And Boys!) Just Wanna Have Fun…

A Guide to Buying Furs and Fur Coats

The old dos and don’ts of buying a fur just don’t apply anymore. Yes, you want quality, Yes, you want fine craftsmanship but today, after years of gloom and doom, when you finally get to buy a fur, you want it to be a fur that you’ll have fun with, a fur that you’ll really enjoy. Yes, you want it to last, but you also want to know that every time you put it on – you’ll feel grand!

Furs used to be heavy and stiff, while today’s furs at Madison Avenue Malls are made to be soft and silky and sometimes they even feel like a sweater so you can wear them at any time and feel comfortable. With new technology in processing our furs, they are easy to wear, giving you more flexibility, so you can wear them over your activewear or your evening wear, feel great (and most of all WARM!)

Natural fur coats are on trend

Today, the trend is to wear fur that looks and feels natural. The men want a more rugged look of natural red fox (link inserted) and coyote and the girls love the look and feel of fox in crystal, black fox, blue fox and white fox fur. We even see the rise of requests in long fox coats for men and women. By wearing natural colors in fur, it accentuates the rise of desire for natural products.

Every newspaper article, email, or twitter that you see, talks about biodegradable and sustainable. Well, furs have been biodegradable and sustainable since man started wearing them back in the times of the cave man and cave woman. They knew how to use natural items to the best advantage and today, furs are still the only really warm material that leaves no footprints or damaging plastics in the environment.

So … what could be more fun that looking great, feeling warm, and knowing that you are benefitting the environment by wearing luxury fur! It’s a win, win situation.

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