Now is the time to start thinking about fur coats…

“Summer doesn’t last forever – Winter never skips it’s turn”

A paraphrase from Hal Borland, a famous American writer

Now that we’re right in the heart of summer here in the USA, it’s time to spend a bit of your vacation time in thinking about Madison Avenue We know you’re enjoying the hot weather, hiking barbecues and picnics, maybe you’re even lucky enough to be near a pool.

But soon enough, those hot summer breezes will turn to chilly winds and then to frigid frosts. As soon as the weather starts to turn nippy you run to your closet to drag out your old winter coat and what do you find? An old, ragged coat with the down stuffing showing at the frayed edge of the cuffs? Or a stylish little jacket that you fell for last year – perfect for a spring day but useless when it comes to serious winter weather. Then it starts to rain while the cold wind is blowing – now you’re really in trouble. You have a raincoat but you’re freezing!

Order your fur online early

Now is the time to start browsing to decide on what will keep you warm this winter. Which of their gorgeous cashmere capes (Link has been added here) or fur trimmed cashmere coats – for when the weather starts to turn nippy, or as a layer for when the weather turns really cold?

There are so many colors – classic black of course but maybe this year is a time to go for something bright like Ferrari red? Royal blue? Emerald Green? Or maybe this year you want to go for that lovely purple or lavender cashmere – the list of cashmere colors is endless. And of course you can never go wrong with fox fur trimmed cashmere or a hooded cashmere cape.

Once you’re set up for the start of winter, it’s time to concentrate on the serious stuff. Time to get a fur or fur lined coat for the serious winter weather. Because of the pandemic, delivery times are longer so now is the time to order your fur! You want to have it ready for that first freezing day. Don’t do what

most people do. Most people wait until they’re freezing and then frantically rush to their iPhones or computers to start looking for their choice of fur, and despairing when nothing in their size is available.

You are smarter than that!

While you’re lounging on your patio with a cool drink in your hand, head to and start browsing. We’re here all summer long to answer any questions you may have about style or size, in men’s and women’s furs. And of course we are the world’s leader in reversible fur coats which you can wear all winter long, keeping warm in every weather.

Prices are going to go up as the colder weather comes closer and the demand increases – another reason to order right now and not delay! Looking forward to seeing you in your new winter wear that will keep you as warm as you are now.

To browse everything from cashmere coats with fur trim to fur capes and shawls, visit the online fur store.

Enjoy the rest of the summer but don’t forget – “Winter never skips it’s turn”!



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