How do I Miss my Fur Coats – Let me Count the Ways

Nothing compares to fur in Winter

I recently read an article where a woman bemoans life in New York City since the pandemic, and how much she misses the life she had before we were all struck with its many restrictions. In addition, she misses wearing the clothes that she has stored in her closet. She misses her dressy clothes, furs and all the accessories she wore when she went out to dine, dance or to the movies.

I too miss wearing my fur clothing! I miss enjoying the feel of my fur coat as I stroll into the restaurant of my choice. I miss the looks of appreciation and adoration (and even a bit of envy?) as I walk briskly to work in my fox fur jacket.

The Joy of Real Fur

I enjoy being wrapped in real fur, snug against the freezing cold, icy winds that swirl around me. Soft fur clothing keeps me cozy and warm and I feel secure and deliciously protected. Believe me, you don’t feel that way in a cloth coat or a down coat! Nothing feels like the natural warmth that a fur pelt provides. It is the natural way that man (and woman) has kept warm, since time immemorial and it continues to be the finest way to be protected against the elements.

I still wear my fox fur jacket to go out on errands, but I look forward to enjoying my fur as I go about my day, walking among people, enjoying an outing with others in the cold, skiing sledding, and yes, walking into my office and taking off my fox fur jacket, looking forward to putting it on again before I head out once again into the cold.

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Nothing feels like real fur – fox fur jacket by Madison Avenue Malls



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