Warm Fur Trimmed Cashmere Coats for Fall and Winter

Cashmere Coats from Madison Avenue Malls

Lately I look around when I go out on the street and my heart sinks. If I am lucky enough to spot another human being, he or she is invariably muffled up in a bulky down coat or something that looks like a quilt cover. You can’t tell if it is a male or female in the jacket or coat as everyone looks alike. You can’t tell if they are old or young – everyone looks alike.

With jeans and sneakers to top off the look, never mind a knitted cap pulled down to cover their head and a light blue face mask to cover their face – the ultimate anonymous look has been born!  You can’t see their body, head or face and you can only distinguish the legs toddling around under the bulk of the upper body.

A Fur Coat makes the Difference

Where have the days gone when a woman or man looked either elegant, distinguished, appealing, efficient, tailored or more bohemian – all depending on the type of coat they selected? Where have the days gone when a man in a Chesterfield topcoat was immediately known as a man of means a man who knew his way about the town?

Where have the days gone when a woman in a fine quality cashmere coat was immediately known to be a woman of refined elegance? A woman who knew her fabrics, a woman who knew quality always chose cashmere in her coats.

Then we have the woman who enjoyed a bit of fur trim to give her a sense of luxury, to give her a feeling of warmth to warm the chill days of Fall and Winter – she always had a coat with a fur collar or fur cuffs or both – fur collar and fur cuffs to balance and trim that gorgeous swath of cashmere fabric that her coat was constructed of.

Fur trims have been used for thousands of years to give that same sense of warmth and luxury to every woman, including those on a budget and those with unlimited funds.

A Cashmere Coat, a Quality Investment

Cashmere coats represent that same sense of warmth and luxury. They provide a lovely coat that will be worn for years and in a classic style, they are an investment for today and for the future.

Enjoy shopping the world’s biggest cashmere selection at Madison Avenue Malls. You can choose from fine cashmere wraps, cashmere capes and cashmere coats. We stock new cashmere styles, new colors, new lengths as well as many classics – the best in fine fur trimmed cashmere.



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