I’m Dreaming of a White Winter (White Fur, that is ….)

Winter can be wonderful. A white winter is even better. And you can enjoy the winter in a gorgeous white fur coat, jacket or cape that will turn heads and make you stand out as someone who knows how to make the most out of every season.  

Black and white furs

Do you dream in black and white? An all black fur is always gorgeous, very practical and will go with whatever you are wearing – at any time. White or black, fur is the way to go. If it’s white fox , or black fox, if it’s white mink or ranch (black) mink – you’re always a winner.  

Furs in color

Or ……. If you’re the girl or boy who dreams in vivid color – then go for those gorgeous colors in fur coats and jackets like natural red fox fur or even the crystal-dyed fox that brings out those wonderful earth tones.  

Men’s furs are just as fantastic in white, in black and in the more rugged-looking furs like coyote that are so popular today.  

Winter can be a wonderland… it’s all in how you deal with it. You can moan about the cold, or you can make it a fantastic experience that is great for you and good for the environment.

The cold weather gives you a chance to get up and go out without worrying about germs and bacteria. That crisp cold air is the greatest gift we are given. We can refresh ourselves and enjoy the cold if we are dressed properly.  

Sustainable Furs

Furs have been worn since time immemorial. Furs are sustainable and biodegradable and are the green way to wear clothes that keep you toasty warm without ever damaging our rivers and streams and our landfills with nasty plastic particles like those ridiculous “faux furs”.  

So now the hard part is deciding who you are. Are you the man or woman who dreams of a white winter? Do you see yourself in a classic Black Mink fur coat? Or do you dream in multi-color pixels? Start with one choice of fur, and you’ll see you’ll just be itching to make your next fur selection in your next color range! Enjoy your dreams; just make them real – in the fur color of your choice! 



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