Men And Women Love To Wear Natural Fur Coats

Genuine fur coats are unique for many reasons, including their natural timeless beauty.

There is something quite special about the feeling of soft and silky natural fur brushing against our skin and nothing else can compare.

So is it any wonder that we continue to keep wearing these amazing garments in many different styles and designs.

Fashionable sporty styles designed for wearing with casual daywear are being worn by both men and women today as well as the more glamorous styles on the right occasion.

Practical Fur Coats At Madison Avenue Mall

Here at Madison Avenue Mall we are in touch with what our customers want and need in fur coats for comfort and appearance.

The fact is that natural fur is by far the most practical material to use for making coats that will protect us from the extreme cold of a frosty winter.

Natural fur garments are very comfortable to wear as they are very light and yet so very warm, making them the obvious choice for wearing in winter months.

Fox fur vests are very popular today with both guys and gals, they look absolutely stunning with trousers, denim jeans or fitted stretch pants

Can you imagine yourself wearing a stunning white marble Fox fur vest with a pair of fitted pants and boots? What a great look!

Maybe you would prefer to step out wearing a very casual outfit comprising of blue jeans and a hooded reversible black sheared Mink jacket? This is a perfect look for those who need to keep warm while watching the game.

Simply Irresistible In Cashmere

Cashmere is considered to be one of the most luxurious of natural fibres being made from the wool of the Kashmir goat, it can take between 3 and 6 fleeces to make one regular sized sweater.

Cashmere creates clothing that is extremely lightweight and comfortable and it is extremely adaptable, making it simple to be woven into a variety of styles.  

Due to the high moisture content in the Cashmere wool, it has a major benefit of being able to adapt to different temperatures, meaning that you can wear Cashmere in winter and summer.

We have a beautiful collection of Cashmere capes, jackets and coats in an array of classic and fashion colors.

When Glitz And Bling Are On The Table

We all know that there are times when a gal needs to put on her glad rags and “dress to impress”.

Nothing is more impressive than a glamorous fur coat to complete our wardrobe, so if you want to make an entrance with glitz and bling, do it in Mink!


Mink coats are the perfect addition to any outfit, with or without bling, Mink fur is sumptuous and spectacular.

Everyone looks like a million bucks when wearing a Mink fur coat.

It goes without saying that we all need more than one natural fur garment in our closet at home.

Let’s face it, we need to have at least one black fur that will go with absolutely everything, and then of course there are the sleeveless vests and hooded jackets that come in amazing colors.

There are styles and colors to suit every personality, so be kind to yourself and get wrapped in fur.

Genuine fur coats will never date, so think about investing in several pieces that will last you for many years to come.

You will never say that you have nothing to wear, when there is Mink in your closet.

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