Real Fur Coats Keep Us Looking Fabulous While Keeping Us Warm In Winter Weather

Fur coats are the ideal solution when it comes to keeping ourselves warm in cold weather.

For those of us who live in climates where the winter weather can be quite harsh, it is important to make sure that we are able to protect ourselves against the cold.

The perfect choice of protective clothing in cold weather for men and women are natural fur coats and fur hats.

It is a fact that a natural fur coat or fur jacket give us optimum warmth against cold weather.

Smart And Practical Fur Coats From Madison Avenue Malls

Here at Madison Avenue, we have an extensive collection of finely crafted genuine fur garments in both classic and trend setting styles.

If you are looking to keep warm while looking great this winter, you need to wearing one of our practical real fur coats, vests and jackets.

We have an extensive range of great looking fur garments for men and women of all ages.

Some items from our extensive fur garment collection includes;
Cashmere capes with Fox fur trim
Mink coats with Chinchilla trim
Quilted Fox jackets
Leather reversible coat with Fox fur trim
Mink cropped vest
Hooded sheared Mink jacket

An outstanding statement for the stylish man is the reversible Mink fur vest with coordinating items in some of the most popular Fox, Raccoon and Mink fur.

Our ladies and gentlemen’s range of fur coats is available in plus sizes.

Green Fur And Fake Fur Coats

At a time when we are more conscious of how our lifestyles affect nature, a natural fur coat or jacket is an excellent choice for our winter cold protection.

Real fur is a natural, renewable and sustainable resource meaning that we only use part of what nature produces each year, without depleting wildlife populations or damaging the natural habitats that sustain them.

The goal is to maintain a long term ecological balance.

Real Fur is;
Energy & Resource efficient

Green fur coats are a more environmentally friendly choice compared to fake fur.

Synthetic furs, are generally made from petroleum based ingredients (a non-renewable resource) which are not recyclable and cause great damage to the environment.

Fur Coats Custom Made In All Sizes

We make wonderful furs for hard to fit people all around the world.

If you see a fur coat or fur jacket on our website that you like but you prefer it in a different color, we will be happy to make that style in the color of your choice.

Often we can make the style you see in a wide range of sizes that are not displayed on the website.

Our staff of pattern makers, technicians and fit specialists ensure you can enjoy hundreds of styles that Madison Ave Mall displays, regardless of your size.

For more information, give us a call at 1-800-377-0535.



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