Purple Plum Cashmere Coat – Purple Fox Collar and Cuffs

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You don’t have to be “born to the purple” ( royalty) to enjoy this smashing purple plum cashmere coat with the warmth and elegance of gorgeous purple fox collar and cuffs. The slim lines of this classic coat are enhanced by the lush, full fox collar that draws the eye down to create a slimming silhouette. This coat can be worn with the belt as a wrap coat or use the three buttons provided and  you can wear it without the belt, if you prefer a straighter line. Wear this coat as the days get colder and you will find your spirits rising each time you reach for it and enfold yourself in its delicious embrace of vibrant yet quiet color.


Fur Content: Purple Dyed Fox. Fur Origin: Finland. Length: 52". Three Button and Loops or wear as wrap coat with cashmere belt. Side Seam Pockets.

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