Mink Coat – Lynx Collar and Cuffs – The Superior

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A mink coat in sleek, rich black mink is highlighted by the unmistakable natural patterns of lynx in the gorgeous collar and touches at the cuffs. Stay warm and look grandly elegant in this fantastic mink coat that will be a classic for years while lending you a sophisticated look that will rocket you to the top of every event, turning heads as you step in. The warm colors of the color and cuff are contrasted by the deep, dark tones of the glossy mink.  A contrast of cool urban elegance in the classic mink silhouetted against the growl of the jungle reflected in the natural patterns of the lynx collar and cuff. Unforgettable!


Fur Content: Natural Female Ranch Mink. Fur Origin: Denmark. Natural Bobcat Lynx Full Pelted Collar and Cuffs. Fur Origin: U.S.A. Length : 52". Side Seam Pockets. Hook and Eye Fur Closures. Available in sizes 8-16. Call for additional sizes. This coat may take three weeks for delivery .

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