Siberian Sable Reversible Jacket – Mandarin Collar -Bronze

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Treat yourself to a Russian Sable jacket that is the answer to all your cold weather wishes: Warm yet lightweight, never heavy or bulky, this lovely sable jacket is both sumptuous and luxurious yet highly practical. The chevron design of sable on both front and back of the jacket shows off the sable variations of tone and shading. The mandarin collar nestles close to your face, protecting you from chilly winds. With one flip of the wrist you can turn this jacket inside out and wear it on its weather resistant fabric side, so you can wear it even if the weather suddenly turns a bit wet. The bronze fabric provides a lovely contrast to the sable and gives a gleam to dull winter days. ( But if you prefer, you can order this jacket reversible to black fabric as well.) Start enjoying the winter with a jacket that comforts and warms you every time you put it on.


Fur Content: Natural Russian Sable. Fur Origin: Russia. Reversible to weather resistant acetate taffeta, trimmed with sable. Hook and Eye closure on sable side. Buttons and Loop closure on fabric side. Length: 32" . Available in sizes 6 - 20. Call to order if you don't see your size. Also available reversible to black or dark brown fabric.

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