Chinchilla Trimmed Mink Coat – Reversible

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Our Price: $8,995.00

Smashingly glamourous yet prettily practical- luxurious sheared mink trimmed with glorious crosscut chinchilla creates the most dramatic of coats, contrasting the natural colors of chinchilla, the ultimate in soft, silky furs, with the beauty of dark, rich, sheared mink. Want to show your practical side?Reverse the coat, turning it inside out, and you will have two coats for the price of one with the soft sheen of fabric replacing the sheared mink, again, dramatically trimmed with your favorite fur – chinchilla!


Fur Content: Sheared Black Dyed Mink. Crosscut Chinchilla Collar and Trim, Crosscut Chinchilla Cuffs. Fur Origin: Mink -Denmark, Chinchilla-U.S.A. Loop and Button hidden closures. Fabric: Nylon Taffeta. Side Pockets on both fur and fabric sides. Call for additional sizes. Also available as chinchilla trimmed sheared mink coat without additional reversible fabric.Call for details.

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