Fur Headband – Blue Fox Fur Headwrap

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Our Price: $169.00

Fur headbands are the easy and high style way to keep warm. This rich fox fluffy fox fur is flattering to every face! Wear it all day to keep hair neat in the stormiest weather while looking dramatically chic! Or wrap it around your neck for a lovely scarf effect that will enhance even the simplest sweater or suit! Wear it with our blue fox jackets and coats to for an added touch of glamour! Also available in black and dark brown.


Fur Description: Natural Blue Fox.. Fur Origin: Finland. Fur Length: 22"-25" adjustable with Velcro closure. Please note: these natural blue fox headbands may vary from paler blue fox to a deeper blue fox. If you purchase the headband together with another blue fox item, we will match the headband to be the similar shade of blue fox.

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