Stop the War and Sable Fur – Where’s the Connection??

Sable has long been one of the most desirable fur pelts. Soft and silky with gorgeous, rich brown colors – this is the crown jewel of furs. Used for collars and cuffs, for gorgeous capes and even (if you could afford it) for stunning sable strollers and coats. We grew up seeing Hollywood stars wear a stunning, full length, sable fur coat (which they would stride around in and then take off the coat and throw it over a conveniently located sofa – remember that??)

This fur is lightweight yet very warm. Wear a sable coat and even the frigid weather in the upper reaches of the Ukraine will feel like Florida weather.

Russian Sable Fur Coats v Canadian

Russia has long held the title of sable champions. The Russians breed the animals in highly fortified special farms. The secret of their breeding has been closely guarded and the resultant pelts are only offered for auction at two world auctions a year (for which you need an invite.) Yes, we do use Canadian sables in many of our designs as they too have wonderful furs that are so very beautiful but by popular demand, Madison Avenue Malls has been using Russian sables for several of its’ designs. True, the price was more but we felt the customers deserved these prized, high quality furs.

With the onset of the Russian war on Ukraine, Madison Avenue Malls has made its’ voice heard by pulling out of the Russian auctions. We will not use Russian fur in our products until Russia can be persuaded that it is not in their interest to attack and destroy their neighbors.

Making a stand in the name of fur

With that said, we introduce our Canadian neighbors as the producers of all our sables. We have long used Canadian sable in many of our furs and we will continue to produce our garments using their fur. With color and shading and lightweight warmth, the Canadian version will accommodate us with a wonderful fur product that will feel great, and will look so very spectacular.



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