Mother’s Day in Australia and What to Do About It

Did you know that it was an Australian woman who almost 100 years ago started the tradition of gift giving on Mother’s Day? Janet Heyden had the idea of giving gifts to the many widows and mothers of the men who had died fighting in World War 1. The idea grew and developed to include all mothers and women. In Australia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

That being cleared up – there remains the big question – WHAT ARE YOU GETTING YOUR MUM OR MUM-IN -LAW OR GRANDMA for Mother’s Day????

You’ve sent cards and chocolate and flowers in the past. You’ve bought her a silk scarf or maybe a pair of gloves? Ho hum. We’ve all been there and done that.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I have a great solution. It is something that is loved and treasured and enjoyed by thousands of lucky women every winter throughout the world. The best gift you can get – is a gift of Fur.

It could be a fur jacket, a fur coat, a fur cape, a fur scarf, or a wonderful fur trimmed cashmere cape that she can enjoy from the minute the weather starts getting a bit nippy all the way until spring arrives – if it ever does!

With the weather so unpredictable having a fur in her wardrobe ensures that your mum (and the whole list mentioned above) will always be able to go to the closet and reach for that delicious fur cape or jacket or cashmere and wrap herself in it, enjoying once again the feeling of being treated by her daughter/son/daughter-in-law/son-in-law/husband/boyfriend/grandchild. And once again she will relish your thoughtfulness and care.

A Mother’s Day gift of fur is not disposable or edible like flowers or chocolates. It will last for years and years and will keep giving endless warm hugs. It might cost a bit more but with Madison Avenue you can find a wide range of fur gifts in a wide range of prices.

Madison Avenue Malls Furs

Madison Avenue is located in New York City where it has been in business for 50 years. We were the first to start selling furs online and we continue to sell our fine quality women’s fur coats and fur jackets and fur accessories, to discerning customers all over the world

We’re really picky about sizing and if you’re choosing something that needs to be sized, we take the time to talk to you about sizing and make sure you’re getting the correct size you need. We custom make for the hard to fit customer. You can get a style in a longer length if you need to or longer sleeves or in plus sizes Let’s not forget the dads – They’ve got a great men’s fur department as well (all lined up for Father’s Day later in the year).

Fur coats shipped to Australia

If you live in a place like Melbourne which has a chance of rain in the forecast most days – a reversible fur jacket or coat could be just the most brilliant solution! Fur on one side and weather resistant fabric on the other. A quick flip of the wrist and you’re ready for any weather – rain or snow or just plain cold!

With today’s Australian mums concerned about sustainability and the environment it makes sense to give her a gift that is totally biodegradable (after you’ve used it for 15 – 20 years). After years of using synthetic fabrics – how refreshing to be able to provide warmth and comfort and know that your gift will not end up in a landfill. 

So now your only question is – which fur item should I pick? A fox cape, a fur trimmed cashmere cape? (That comes in 20 colors – which will only give you more choices to deal with!)

So, I’ve answered that major question of what to buy – a fur of course. The rest is up to you. Celebrate Mother’s Day and Start browsing our delightful website packed chock full of lovely choices. Enjoy the shopping for fur coats in Australia and don’t forget you can call us with any questions at 001-917-450-4472.



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