The History of Fur

Fur has long stood as one of the best ways to keep warm. Animals are naturally blessed with coats of thick hair. To utilize the entire animal after a hunting party, the hides of the animals were used. (Valium) Our ancestors understood the importance of not wasting any part of the animal and consequently tied furs together to stay warm during the colder months.

The oldest form of clothing, fur has long been regarded as a symbol of power. The ermine was long worn by royalty throughout Europe. Many ermine furs are necessary to make mens fur coats or sashes and the collecting of these furs took time and skill, something that the powers of Western Europe could easily afford. Today fur remains a classic look that is timeless, especially during winter. Chic and elegant, furs will always remain a popular fashion.

The softness and luxuriousness of wearing fur cannot be outdone. Mink jackets and fox fur coats have been worn for more than 200,000 years. Wearing fur is part of humanity’s history, and it is part of a past that we cannot jettison. Wearing mink jackets remains a symbol of power and wealth, and plus, it’s warm and comfortable too.



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