What Does The Term “Green” Fur Mean?

Fur is naturally resilient and long lasting. With proper care, a fur garment will remain functional and beautiful for many years.

Natural fur is:

  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable


At a time when the true ecological cost of mass produced fashion is just beginning to be calculated – think millions of tons of poor quality garments filling up landfills – the naturally durable and recyclable qualities of fur make more sense than ever.

Fur is biodegradable

Faux fur (fake fur) and most synthetic fabrics are made from petrochemicals. Like other plastics, these materials do not break down easily and will remain in landfills for centuries. Real fur, by contrast, is an organic material. The dressing (tanning) process helps to preserve the pelts for some time but after many years of use, they will eventually dry out and biodegrade and disintegrate, returning fully to nature.


Sustainable fur in the fashion industry


Earlier this month, Tesfa Joseph, a young eco conscious fashion designer, was shown a 100 year old fur coat in a Denmark vintage store, by his partner Tommy-Louis Julius Funch Kraglund who is an ambassador of sustainability.
Surprised and impressed by the good condition of the fur, Tesfa went on to investigate how the fur production chain worked and what was the sustainability value compared to an imitation fur garment.
“It came as a huge surprise to me because the fur coat looked as good as new, and only the design was telling the real age of the coat. I was astonished by what fur can do and how long it can last being passed from generation to generation.” commented Tesfa.
“If we want to pass on the world to our children in a better condition than we got it, we need to take action. To treat nature, the animals and the workers around the globe with respect.”
Keen to share what he had seen, Tesfa made a bold move. As one of the 14 graduates selected to show their designs at Central Saint Martins’ press show for BA Womenswear, he wanted to present a fur collection.
“A few people were sceptical about me wanting to use fur at the beginning. They said it might affect my chances of getting into the press show if I decided to go that route.” He adds:
“It was a euphoric moment seeing almost a years’ worth of hard work come to a climax on the runway. For both of us, we didn’t expect the collection to be received so well; it was indeed a humbling experience.”


All quotes and information contained in this article is taken from the September 5th edition newsletter for the Sustainable Fur website.



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