The Secret to Enjoying the Winter Cold

With freezing winds swirling around you creating that knifelike feeling of cold at your lower back, icy pellets of snow stinging your face, and your bones feeling thoroughly chilled, you are most probably wishing you were home already, in a warm house with a hot drink. Forget walking or jogging. Forget a trip to visit your relatives – it’s just too cold to go out.

Winter doesn’t have to feel that way. You don’t have to gain weight because you’re bogged down at home. You can enjoy a brisk walk in the snow. You can actually enjoy the cold weather, playing in the snow with your kids, and keeping up your daily activities, and continuing to go out and about all winter long. The secret? A FUR COAT OR JACKET.

Yes, mankind has worn fur since time immemorial to keep warm. A fur stops cold in its tracks – without feeling heavy! A fur coat or jacket will give you protection against the coldest days and the iciest winds. Fur is today’s way of being eco-friendly as well. By wearing a fur, you are wearing the natural substance to keep warm that is sustainable and biodegradable (as well as looking absolutely gorgeous!)

For the most warmth, choose from the long-haired furs like a Fox Jacket or Fox Coat. If you like a little more drama a Lynx is both beautiful and very warm. Mink is always a great choice, with a mink coat or mink jacket providing warmth and style.

Find inspiration in some of our most popular furs:

Madison Avenue Malls is a specialist in providing practical fur coats for women and men as well, with reversible furs that have fur on one side and a weather resistant fabric on the other. That way, you get double protection (like wearing a wind breaker) and protection from rain as well as cold.

p.s you guys – we’re talking to you too! Just cause you’re a guy, doesn’t mean you like the cold weather any more than the girls do. So, start browsing right now!

Here are two of our best-selling furs for men:

Don’t wait – winter is just starting. Protect yourself and start feeling better about the cold right now!



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