Time to get serious about the Winter and fur coats

Okay, we’ve been enjoying some warmer weather, but we all know that it’s going to end. This was the headline today on the channel.

Big Chill Coming for Large Part of the Nation

November 10, 2021

Much of the country has been enjoying above average temperatures this week, but that is about to change as temperatures will be taking a tumble.

A sudden drop in temperature will announce the end of the fall season and the beginning of winter – which means it is time to get a really warm coat.

Let’s face it – you may have a few cloth winter coats in your closet but on closer look, they seem tired and when that icy wind starts to blow – it feels like you’re wearing a cardboard coat.

Now is the time to get a coat that doesn’t fool around – a fur coat or jacket is what I’m talking about. Picture yourself in a deliciously warm mink jacket or fox fur coat ( or a wonderfully warm fox jacket or mink coat). We’re talking serious warmth here. Not a shred of cardboard in sight!

You’ll be ready to enjoy those frosty days without shivering and shaking. It’s hard to believe but a fur pelt really stops the cold and the wind before it can penetrate to your skin. Think – your neck and chest and arms and especially that aching spot in your lower back– all toasty warm! Reversible fur coats and jackets are a great example of practical and weather resistant winter wear.

Your fur can be sporty and casual,elegant, and sophisticated, or just discreetly warm and weather resistant. We have such a wide range of styles you might decide on a few furs to suit every occasion.

Just remember – all this warmth has an added bonus – a fur coat is totally biodegradable. As opposed to all those polyester filled coats and faux fur furs that become next year’s unsightly landfill, a fur dissolves into a powder once its years of providing warmth have been served.

What could be better? A coat that keeps you warm and saves the planet’s ecosystem!

From fur jackets to mink coats and everything in between, you can shop our full range of men’s and women’s fur at



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