3 things you need for an Aussie Winter – Fur, Fur and Fur!

Winter has arrived in Australia and those hot sunny days are getting shorter and cooler. Even those of you who live in the warmer parts of Australia will find the nights getting chilly. We have the perfect solution to getting ready for those chilly nights and for some of you, those really cold days. The way to get ready for winter is to buy a fur!

Fur Coats are Green

Fur is today’s way of dressing with biodegradable and sustainable products. Since by gone days, fur has been the way to stay warm. From cave man to pioneers of Australian life as we know it, fur has always been the go-to fabric to keep warm and in fact – to survive. 

Then came the synthetics and modern man thought he had come up with a wonderful way to make affordable clothes for the masses. Alas now we know better. Those modern synthetic fabrics are creating mountains of huge landfills with the chemicals and plastic particles breaking down and leaking into the ecosystem, choking the fish and wildlife in the waters and streams and contaminating the natural environment.

Unlike faux fur coats, fur has always been the natural way. A fur coat or jacket will give its’ owner 15 – 20 years of service, and then will quietly break down into a powder that absorbs into the earth and acts as a nutrient. When a fur coat is created, every part of the fur is used, starting with the fur for clothes, and continuing as fertilizer or food for other animals.

Fur keeps you warm

So now that you know the reason to wear fur – let’s get down to basics – FUR KEEPS YOU WARM!

You can choose any type of fur you wish. For those living in the warmer parts of Australia, a sheared mink is lightweight, easy to wear and is warm enough to wear, without feeling heavy or bulky.

A fur vest is also wonderful if you are not a fan of the long sleeve but one of our most popular items with Australian customers is a fur trimmed cashmere cape. Comfortable, elegant yet easy to wear, our cashmere capes come in 20 wonderful colors and in a variety of styles and lengths.

You just have to take the time to decide which one you want to start with.

I do have to warn you that these capes are addictive with many customers ordering one color and then going on to order the same cape in five different colors, as they enjoy the capes so much, they want it to coordinate with their entire fall and winter wardrobe, or layer it over different tops and dresses.

So, find out what they know already – cashmere and fur is the way to stay warm this winter and is the place to find the best selection.

Order fur coats to Australia online

Order a little earlier than usual, as it does take around 10 days to ship fur coats to Australia these days. Looking forward to hearing from you! 



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