Do It All In Fur Coats This Festive Season

It’s time to bring out our fur coats, as the weather becomes much cooler in the lead up to Thanksgiving and Seasonal Holidays. This is the time of the year when we enjoy going to parties, dinners with family, lunches with friends and shopping.

Yes, it certainly is a fun season for lots of reasons, however, it can be a time of stress for some folks if they have not organized their closets properly, finding that they do not have anything suitable to wear for these festive times.

An organized wardrobe, makes life so much easier and gives you more time to get ready for any occasion, so do yourself a good deed and get your wardrobe organized for winter.

It really is quite easy, just take everything out of your closet and place onto the bed, now you need all of them into 3 piles.

A.These are clothes that you have not worn for 2 years, yes, for whatever reason ( they don’t fit, need repair or outdated ).

B.This pile is clothing that fits you and is in good condition, however not suitable to wear in winter.

C.Clothes suitable to wear in winter, that fit you.

There you go, easy wasn’t it! Now the next step is to deal with pile A, this may not be as easy.

You need to box up all the items that still have their price tags on and anything else in good condition, these are for Goodwill.

The clothes that are in need of repair can be placed at recycle depots.

That is all there is to it, now all you need to do is store pile B until the warmer months return.

Pile C goes back into your closet, with plenty of space for your new winter wardrobe items.

Practical Fur Coats For Style And Warmth

Here comes the fun part of your re-vamping your wardrobe for the colder weather, and remember that fun means “fur coats”.

When you have gorgeous fur coats or jackets in your closet, you are virtually set for any occasion.

Go casual in a fitted skirt, turtle neck sweater, boots and fabulous sleeveless sheared mink vest  or really do it in style with denim jeans, high heels and a cashmere cape.

There are so many practical ways to wear fur, and all of them warm and stylish.

You will need at least one longer fur coat, a hooded fur jacket, a reversible sleeveless fur vest, a gorgeous cashmere cape, sensible fur hat and mitts.

By having these items in your wardrobe, you will always have something fabulous, practical and comfortable to wear in the colder months, on any occasion, for many years to come. Fur never goes out of style and a real fur coat is always warm!

Madison Avenue have an outstanding collection of fur coats, jackets and accessories in trending fashions and classic styles, most of which are available for purchase through our layaway plan or easy finance options. Please note: conditions apply

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