Put Fur Coats On Your Christmas List For Santa

You better not cry

Better not pout

I’m telling you why”

Yes! It’s that time of year again and those of you who have been very, very good, you can look forward to something wonderful from Santa this year.

If you are wondering whether your name is on the Naughty or the Nice list, make sure you have put fur coats on the top of your Christmas list anyway.

Fur Coats Are Always The Perfect Gift

A gorgeous fur coat is one of the most exciting gifts anyone can receive at anytime of the year, and so useful as well.

A girl cannot have enough fur coats in her closet, there are so many wonderful parties to go to at this time of year, and there is a genuine need to keep warm………well that does sound like a great excuse for a wonderful new fur to add to your wardrobe.

Now is a good time to start mentioning to those who care, that you do not have enough furs to wear this season and you definitely need a Cashmere cape in case you are asked to spend new year’s Eve in Central Park.

Hmmmmmmm what else can we think of to encourage the love of our life to treat us to an amazing gift of fur?

Our darlings mean so well when they give us a cookbook, or the latest kitchen gizmo or even a sensible cardigan as a gift, then we smile and say how we have always wanted one of those!

Deep down when we see the beautiful gift box wrapped in bright sparkling paper with ribbons to match, sitting under the tree with our name tag on it, oooooh yes, it’s for me!

As you stare at the unopened gift, trying to imagine what is inside, you are visualizing yourself wearing the most beautiful soft, snuggly fur jacket with matching hat and cute mittens, looking fabulous!

Well, it is sad to say that this scenario does not always end well as you watch your man open his gift of a sensational Mink camouflage jacket with great anticipation, his reaction is music to your ears, and then you tear open your gift to find a set of heavy duty flannel pyjamas and a matching bathrobe, oh dear, this is when you must go for an Oscar performance and smile from ear to ear while telling him “Oh darling I just Love it, I do need something to keep me warm” while you are thinking “this is not what I had in mind”.

Now girls, it is time to start making it clear that you need a sensible jacket for the cold months ahead, and nothing is more sensible than a genuine fur to keep anyone truly warm in winter, this is a fact, you can Google it!

Happy Holidays to you all and may you stay safe and warm in Fur of course.



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