The “S” word is starting to appear in our weather reports – could that mean Sable???

Even though temperatures around the USA are still summerlike, they are predicting SNOW in the Rocky Mountains. That means that winter is definitely approaching, regardless of which part of the USA you live in. With that said, you have to face the fact that winter is not always postcard pretty.

Winter means winds, and I mean WINDS that really blow right through you.

Winter means COLD and I mean cold that cuts through you like a knife.

Now picture a warm and comfortable sable vest – reversible – so you can wear it in all weathers or a lovely, fluffy blue fox fur or black fox jacket. You don’t feel wind, you don’t feel cold. You just feel warm and cozy. That is what a fluffy fox jacket is all about. That is what fur is all about. It protects us and defends us from the elements, as it has done for thousands of years. Want more drama? how about opting for a crystal fox fur or silver fox fur jacket or coat?

Winter doesn’t have to be a time where you are holed up in your house waiting for warmer weather. With a fur coat or jacket you can continue to enjoy being out and about, doing your errands, taking care of your everyday schedule without feeling overwhelmed. Just close up your luxury fur, put up your fur trimmed hood or put on your fur hat, and you feel protected and warm. Don’t feel intimidated by cold weather. Just get ready for it with a wonderful, warm fur of your choice.

Fur is Fun!

The girls in the picture below are smiling – because they’re having a good time, wearing  a great fur, out on the snowy streets of Greenwich Village in New York City where we took this photo. You can have a wonderful time in the snow, whether in Iowa, Ohio, Michigan or Montreal. Just follow their example and enjoy yourself, toasty warm in your favourite fox coat. 

Don’t wait for the snow to appear. With world slowdowns in many areas, it’s a good idea to order now so you can be sure to have your fur jacket (or how about a full-length fur coat to really keep warm??) ready and waiting for you to slip your arms through its comforting warmth. Find the fur of your choice and start waiting for the “S” word to appear in your local forecast with anticipation instead of anxiety.

No matter your preference, we have the largest online selection of real fox fur coats at Madison Avenue Malls.



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