Fur Coats In Summer?

As an individual I do not like being told what I can and can not wear in a particular season, especially when it comes to my fur coats. Whoever says that “wearing fur is just for winter”, obviously does not have any real fur garments in their wardrobes.

I simply love my furs and they are the best wardrobe investment I have ever made.

So let’s consider the many ways we can wear beautiful fur in the not so “freezing” seasons.

I have been wearing natural furs since I was sixteen years old and I am never without something fabulous to wear anywhere, any time and any season.

For the fashionistas among you, I am sure that you would have seen many photographs of style conscious celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, and Lindsay Lohan to name a few, sporting some amazing fur garments and accessories.

While genuine fur coats are a beautiful and practical choice for the harsh winter months, there are also some very stylish and practical garments crafted in fur that are ideal for the milder seasons.

With such an extensive range of styles available now, you will be spoilt with so much choice!

Hooded sleeveless vests, bomber jackets, capes, headwear, and so much more!

Choose Fur Coats In Cooler Colors For Warmer Months

While fur is definitely becoming more and more acceptable in spring and summer wardrobes, it still makes sense to avoid the darker colors which can look a little heavy and out of place in the warmer months.

The softer, lighter colors and of course “stunning” white work best during these months.

Have you seen the stunning cashmere jacket by the world class design house, Guy Laroche?

This particular piece is one of my favorites and it can be worn either smart or casual. Cashmere and mink, two vital elements that create this sublimely lovely addition to your wardrobe.

What a wonderful change from dark winter colors!

The subtle shades of Morning Beige trimmed with soft rows of Morning Beige mink are a fantastic topper for fall and winter. For a lift on those days when you choose to release your more feminine self – reverse the jacket to the Hazy Pink cashmere.

Enjoy this designer style as part of your daywear and eveningwear wardrobe – its soft elegance of cashmere and mink will give you a lift at every occasion.

Don’t forget to accessorize!!

Fur accessories are a fabulous addition to any outfit, and genuine fur handbags are the ultimate accessory, absolutely glamorous and chic. Whether a practical Black Zippered Fur Tote, Chinchilla Fur Evening Bag or a Mahogany Mink Pocketbook, you are bound to attract some green eyed glances.

There are many styles of fur handbags available, from small clutches to large totes as well as some very flattering headwear.

For the complete look why not match your handbags with the perfect genuine fur hat.

Choose from a casual stretch fur hat or a Black Mink fur beret and of course, for those of us who just adore a little splash of pizzazz, why not grab all the attention in a large brimmed, White Fox and Mink Fur Hat !!!

Why wait? Go online today and browse the stunning collections on offer at Madison Avenue Mall.



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