No Need To Overthink Whether To Wear Fur Coats Or Not

I wonder why there is such a big fuss surrounding the wearing of natural fur coats, it makes sense to me when I take a look back in time and learn about why the human being originally sought the benefits of animal pelts.

It stands to reason that those people living in cooler regions needed to wear fur to protect themselves against harsh winter conditions, not only as protective clothing but also in the construction of basic shelters.

Most of us are familiar with images of indigenous people wearing items of clothing and footwear, or weather proof habitats made from the precious commodity of animal pelts.

Many communities lived and survived for hundreds of thousands of years in harsh weather conditions with the benefits of precious animals for food, clothing and shelter without destroying the land on which they lived and respected. Genuine fur is fully biodegradable and causes no damage to our planet whatsoever.

So when we fast forward to today, I wonder why on earth would anyone choose to wear a faux fur that has been crafted from chemically based products and is certainly not biodegradable.

Biodegradable Fur Coats

Talking about sustainability and biodegradable garments, the fur industry has been making biodegradable garments since time immemorial. It was only modern men who thought they knew better and decided to create polyester and faux fur made from petroleum based chemicals.

Yes this can be a sensitive subject, however it would seem that as more and more people are becoming actively concerned for the welfare of our planet, it stands to reason that genuine fur coats will be seen for the magnificent and practical biodegradable garment they are, for those of us who need to keep warm and help take better care of our planet.

Determining exactly when humans began wearing clothes is a challenge, largely because early clothes would have included animal hides, which degrade rapidly and hence there is not a lot of evidence to determine the date that clothing started being worn. As scientists continue to gather alternative data they may one day be able to solve the mystery of when we humans started covering our bits.

Yes indeed, a lot of food for thought!



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